Journalism, Ethics and Ziinga Relation

Journalism has always been a work of art. And “the journal of history, like everything that happens in society. This important role of journalism in society is why objectivity and balance must be central to all journalists belief. However, many journalists willfully forget or not to adhere to this belief.

Ignorant of society tend to all that is said in, daily newspaper, television, radio and the Internet, I think. They believe that if the story is not true, because it should be published in the first place! Try to get the ads and earn the highest bid to win real money, media companies, using ideology weaker sections of society. However, some media houses are still faithful to the reputation of honest journalism. Although sometimes, laziness or other innocent reason is always a little “corner of history they left behind.

The journalistic ethics requires a writer does not limit its origin to a. In ethical practice, when a conflict broke out, he or she must dig all kinds of holes and get all the details from different sources. When two parties are fighting for the truth to be passed to express their abilities. A reporter waits for a response before he begins his article. If, however, a deadline set, a story circulated strength quickly, do not sigh and remember the story once and for all. We must listen to what the other has to say and then a follow-up article.

Sounds like a journalist scandals radar to work, it should be him, his version of the story is true does not matter. Therefore, all angles are given their respective histories. Write the entire message was not to know that he put a bigger check table is based. Everything is in play must journalistic ethics can not be extended to the second floor.

How a story will be devastating way? Here is a good example.

Computeractive writer Tom Reale accused with abnormal conditions in his article on According to a source at Ziinga, it is unfair for them because they do not have the time to respond.

May 1st Royal Ziinga contacted and asked for an opinion on an ad on Facebook Argos, which has been linked to Ziinga site. However, the site was not aware of the ad-Liquidation cameras reduced to 90 percent, the Royal grew about it. Unfortunately, the site was not able to answer immediately because Royal Mail was directed to the spam folder.

And essential. Ethical standards that a writer should never give the impression that not much time, so it needs an immediate response give the royal company time to collect their thoughts and give an audible response.

Since the news is in progress, the delivery time is very important to keep the history up-to-date. Royal is not the first journalist who was captured by time. Many journalists have left out some details, because the interview was moved or source has not yet responded, but the news should be broadcast or published immediately. There are two things that a journalist, if this is the case with this dilemma. One answer is the side that is left behind, and two is to make a follow-up article asking.

Published the announcement on Facebook has been achieved. However, he denies Ziinga asked what to do, but the management was aware of the advertisement.

Sent an e-mail Ziinga, the company said it-he did not advertise on the social media network or sanctioned by The site is not actively involved in current campaigns, but works closely with partners and affiliate networks. Thus, even if the site has strict and detailed descriptions of the countryside and restrictions, does not guarantee that all their partners and their respective subsidiaries follow these rules. And ‘then the command Ziinga recognized advertising on social media. –

It is not known whether the ad from a real Ziinga whose subsidiaries, or any other source. Ziinga Reale asked to provide the exact URL in the ad in order to identify their origin, but Royal has not responded to this request. The company is still under investigation in this matter and hope to provide useful information Royal said.

Royal always send an e-mail 2 can talk about the terms and conditions that require the user a copy of their credit card by e-mail at a price and the monthly payment is 59.99 for three months. Ziinga requested less than an hour on this subject, which has been too little time for the site to respond, given their huge volume of daily e-mail response. Without their version of the facts, the article was already the same day. In accordance with the ethical standards of journalism mentioned that the company does not respond in real time to be released.

In terms of monthly fees of 59.99, said Ziinga these costs relate to the composition of three months, say that all people who register on the site. After this three-month period, a member of churn, but has yet to offer all the privileges of the web site.

-The company’s business model is not damaged so that users financial capacity, it is not designed to steal their property. E ‘to achieve the goal and exceed customer expectations. This was possible, as seen in the winner’s page on the website of the Company and on social media sites – said Ziinga management.

A wrote: winners must also be a form authorizing the company to calculate the cost and a copy of identification “But this information is not required to make a payment by credit card online -. . He also warned the reader risk-disclosure of this information. –

Although it is not a prerequisite for payment by credit card, the company said in an e-mail to request information from customers who confirm the identity of the client, auction or won a prize and to ensure safety. This collection of information referred to above is to accelerate the process concerns, corporate gifts for family policy. –

Ziinga defended more-We appreciate the honesty so they want to destroy our reputation unscrupulous. We do not tolerate unauthorized or unfair to our customers. –

The company hopes that the real source of the alleged charges of more than 150 in the three months to come forward and make a formal statement of complaint. This will help to investigate the case Ziinga said. Tom Reale Ziinga need to upgrade your item or make a follow-up article to the Company page. However, Royal was not until now, there was no response to email him at Ziinga.

Real intention may not be as pure as any honest journalist. He provided information that could be useful for those who want to read the news. However, the history turns on one side of the road. To maintain the immaculate reputation of journalism ethics, is likely to be promoted to provide the other side. A follow-up article will be enough to restore the balance.

Journalists are Penetrator society. And the light should never be half burned, so that the company will not be half blind.

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