Democratization of Social Media

I am no longer myself, are no longer alone. However, social media has broken all barriers and allows me to penetrate global markets. It provides a platform equal transmit and publish at will, gaining public and celebrities that align directly with the level of individual participation and investment in the undertaking.
Social media you need to follow the principles of democracy and allows us to live our lives in a better way. I think social media is shared. E ‘for the people, by the people and for the people. Living in a democratic society, it was important for us something that is readily available, inexpensive, and displays the results in real time and social media is perfect for all these parameters.
We are free to share our experiences and thoughts of each action brand / service. Can easily identify the exchange of ideas and brands to analyze the customer’s needs in terms of brand / service. In fact, there are countless strengthen relationships online, which is the basis of offline and online social interaction, relationships are established offline.
The social web has a huge impact on everything you purchase our social life, our life that we discover and discuss the products and services had. Its democratic nature is our life very easy and convenient.
Social media is all for both industry and individuals. For individuals, this is the democratization of media and the equalization of influence. Influenced the socialization of the means of communication and supports more than traditional media and other forms of advertising. Almost all brands have the right to become the media, public and winning building online communities that will help both the brand and consumers.
The most important feature of the democratization of social media, it is the openness and transparency, where everyone is free to give and take their thoughts.The best example of social democracy Democracy Iranian media social media.

As Iranian bloggers have increased their presence on the Internet and activists have targeted the power of new social media, they effectively democratized Iran Davar Ardalan media in Iran after the journalist. He stressed that this transformation is evident. Answers to controversial elections in Iran in 2009, demonstrating the role of new media in Iran and the rise of citizen journalismAt the end I mean they are the means to begin to engage on social media sites and add your thoughts and ideas. And brands to become more active on your needs and improvisation of products / services.

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