Print and Broadcast Journalism

The press is when you work for a regular publication like a magazine or newspaper.
Are very much a “one man band” in print journalism, as you come up with ideas of history, research and resolve interviews. Therefore, in this area is very important to have contacts. The deadlines are very tight, especially if it is said in the newspapers and the truth most of the time you will be working from a press release or an editor to cover a story work.

TV journalism is composed of radio and television. There are several works in a team, for example in television journalism gives you the camera and the healthy person. You can. A producer who works with you, and at the end you have a publisher, but the words of warning in broadcast journalism must not forget that a celebrity journalist and not, as is often a source of confusion. No need to research, subject to be treated, and collect the interview, but at least this is a team with you. For television journalism, it is important that you learn about television and radio, and yes the pay is better journalism printing, but most journalists began to broadcast always printed. The reason is that you can gain the knowledge gained in the field of journalism, such as tight deadlines, interview techniques and writing styles.


In this area, know that you need to work under pressure, and others are critical of your work, such as Notepad, so if you can not stand the heat, you better be out of the kitchen.

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