Find Independent Journalism

Writers today have so many options that should work full time, which should be in print or electronic media, such as self-employment? The way you choose to take hers. Never choose a career on the needs of the family / friends / or popular opinion. The election must come from within what you are trying to work your money, a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly, the freedom to choose?

If you thirst for freedom, a path that follows the independent journalism can provide a record of decisions — the ability to create a niche.

As a freelancer, you can choose to specialize in certain types of work to write and inspire you. You can try to become the voice of the people.

Wondering how to find the activity? There are several ways that are just waiting to be explored. –

Start a freelancer for your school / college / university newspaper.

Gain experience. Staff with journalists in your local newspaper, radio station or television would be if it was not journalism print or electronic.

To network with other professionals in your field, join the online sites, some discussion forums, e-mail, discussion forums and independent groups. E Network ‘in touch with opportunities that would otherwise go past you.

Register your profile with samples of your work of a journalist and writer ads / freelance on the Internet. Make sure your profile is as instructive as a provocation. Be sure to list clearly inspecify. Field / areas of interest, the media, as well as subjects such as science, technology, art and politics, and so on

Regularly check the job sites.

Join associations of journalists – and not just in your neighborhood, but also at international level. Many of them have a site that is posted to the following contracts or a system with the corresponding assignments are available for a small fee by e-mail.

Subscribe to magazines that offer jobs / employment opportunities.

Consider a freelance writer for online news agencies.

Hire an agency to seek work on your behalf.

Use the Internet to search for stations, newspapers, magazines and online journals that offer assignments. Do not forget to check that the proposed allocation of lucrative positions or unpaid.

See media organizations. Workshops and seminars. These opportunities often have good relationships with people who suggest companies / contacts to respond.

Create a profile to differentiate your skills and experience shine — clearly what your goals are, why you decided to focus on a particular area, and why you think you are suitable. Detail what you can offer that others can not.

Be sure to detail skills, training, interests and experiences. Give examples that highlight your skills as a journalist. Show your knowledge of business needs, research skills and your willingness to go the extra mile. Protect your work with the advice and recommendations from other employers.

Patience and perseverance are the cornerstones of building a great career in journalism are determined to plan ahead and send your profile to everyone involved. If you send a hundred, some may react. But do not feel depressed. Chances are intended to come forward.

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