Good Journalism Skills – Working Method is Essential

It is an essential skill to learn that a journalist should write good news. Not only has a capacity that is essential in journalism can be applied to a wide range of communications. In short, it is the ability to tell the story in a few words catchy. Example of a story and try as possible. The title is: “The man with personal psychological problems Catholic bishop outside his house” The first sentence – is – known as the lead or intro: “A man who officials said psychological problems had stabbed a Catholic bishop Luigi Padovese, 62 to death outside his home in the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun in eastern Turkey on Thursday., just one day before he planned to travel to Cyprus for the Pope’s visit Benedict XVI “Bad title, lack of leadership! author was not able to precisely focus the good news – and nothing but the key messages. Take the first title. We do not need that the Bishop of someone who had (arguably) mental problems, was killed, right? Furthermore, the title to begin with, which killed the bishop, unless someone knew. S ‘ there was a religious agreement, you should start with the title: “Now the bishop is …” On lead, also tells us, has too many details.


At the top, you need to tell the story so that the reader can “take a look.” True story This story appeared in the New York Times, June 3, 2010. Headline read ” Catholic bishop stabbed to death in Turkey, “reads the first sentence of the story that” a Catholic bishop to death in eastern Turkey on Thursday, stabbed, one day before he was scheduled to Cyprus for the Pope’s visit by Benedict XVI “The following contains information that has been included by mistake in my version arranged in the introductory sentence:”. Mgr Padovese, 62, the apostolic vicar of Anatolia, or the Vatican’s representative in eastern Turkey , died before his house .. is the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun, officials said police arrested the driver, who officials said had psychological problems, “This is what a journalist should be able to do: tell the important news in a cool, clear sentence – not buried in unnecessary detail, which would later be included in the story. Fishing Fishing the story of history is crucial. If you are paralyzed to write the beginning of a story, write down what you say you prefer the shorter and more concise as possible. A good way to focus the angle of a story is to think of a title, but a good one. Or you wonder how you convey the message point to a Friend (with limited attention span) in a few words. A good angle suggests how history should be written – it is easier to write. But first, get the lead or intro right. If you do, there will be the essence of the story, quick and easy. And, of course, this ability is useful not only in journalism, but in almost all fields of communication.

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