Google Launches New Social Effort with Google+

Some time ago, wrote a social media agency, said an article that Google Buzz launch strategy was not very well planned. Suddenly appeared a link on millions of Gmail accounts, which had a mass demonstration on privacy, such as the recent activity Gmail users was distributed to everyone. To avoid this faux pas again, Google begins by invitation only, in a manner similar to the early days of Gmail. And as Gmail, Google was instead changing “project” a brilliant called “product”.

So what is that change will look like? Google takes some of the features we like Facebook and provides some innovative improvements. Circles lets you easily create groups of friends simply different communication drag-and-drop, which means no more sharing posts via Facebook. The integration of mobile, something that the use of Facebook is not really about looks, great features like Huddle, you can text a group of friends at once.

Finally, Google is determined by a comprehensive approach with a navigation bar, no matter where you are in your Google social experience. This provides an amplification of your favorite products using Google social functioning (yes, this is where they go with the name “+”). Google gets a new social content discovery sparks, Google video chat gets a ride with a feature called Hangouts, and now your Google account gets a robust visual standpoint.

Ultimately, the success of Google if consumers really overcome the obstacle of trying another social channel. Of course, it does not hurt that many of these functions are integrated into Google’s existing products, but that does not mean that the adoption will be easy. Will be essential to assess how Google could hit different segments that develops – for example, that small businesses would not use Hangouts as an alternative to expensive software webinar? Also provide something that nobody really speaks to the ability of Google Android momentum is a fundamental pillar to accept mobile / social.

Interactive Advertising Password

RBM is a social media agency and maintains a long-standing relationship with some of the most revered brands in the publishing industry. Working with clients, provides a unique insight into the consumption of online content: the enclosure fluffiest entertainment news analysis. To what extent are discovered, bought and sold is changing, the impact of these changes will affect all traders.

It is not surprising that over the past five years is the printing industry has struggled to find its place in the media market. Printed copies of the most important newspapers in the United States has declined over the last decade, and now, less than half of adults in the United States read the entire print edition in a given week.

But it is also important to remember that in 2010 alone, spending on online advertising newspaper printing catches (no magazines or other print ads for vehicles) is $ 26B after the catheter. From the beginning of the last decade, an editorial was $ 50 billion.

Until the advent of the Internet, newspapers controlled relationships with customers via the kiosk and direct subscriptions. But now two new channels dominate the content discovery: Search and Social Media. Therefore, a new generation of content has been created to exploit these online channels.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are the property most valuable advertising real now available to advertisers. But search engine marketing is perhaps the most technical and media management time online. Marketing research often lose sight of the forest for the trees, with the meticulousness of keywords, ad text, and had their offers. Elderly, the erosion of profit margins and competitive growth advantages environments limit.

Accordance with the practice of holistic research RBM drill focus on public needs, behaviors and vulnerability. Energy technology best-in-class one price for access to the market. To optimize, when and where the public and the research meets the optimal design of research experience, maximizing the value of sales to the search query.

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