The Investigative Reporting

The field of investigative journalism, among other things, past events and figures that affect human interests and fair governance. This means thorough research of public records and seemed to long interviews, and review of the facts and re publication before. If the press or television reports of investigative journalism is essentially “watchdog”. This means that crime, unfair practices, injustice, and other aspects of human interest, such as the environment, health and so on.

Investigative journalism can move public opinion and express fear in those who take the wrong path. The slave trade, arms trafficking, terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, etc. brought to the attention of the world by investigative journalism.

An investigative journalist must not fear, determined, patient, caring, faithful and be around like-minded dog successfully. Questions a journalist seeks to answer are: Who is responsible for doing wrong, what methods were used, what are the consequences, what can be done to correct the evil, can those responsible are brought to justice?

The key is to dig. In the first guide, suggestions or ideas for events, then sniff. Form a hypothesis investigation. Then, like a detective, gather evidence, incontrovertible proof of the hypothesis. This includes interviews, documents, records, documents and paper-intensive work. Organizing information and preparing the report. Check to verify the feasibility of facts and defamation laws. Being able to do your work, it is an advantage if you’re the law, namely the process fast and accurate follow the money trail and dig facts.

Investigative journalism is a specialized field that uses journalism skills, curiosity, advanced research methods and determination to right wrongs. The field of journalism is what helps shape democracy and protects the lives of innocent people. Done right, public opinion can so that the way the world thinks and functions can be modified to increase.

An investigative journalist wrote in the limits of ethics and unwritten, and revise the laws. Could work. Reveal scandals and analysis of violations of laws, rules or legal Bring to know the policies of governments, businesses and other organizations. And changing social institution describing the. Social, economic, political and cultural

To effectively in investigative journalism, journalists have high standards of functionality and corruption. The principles of truthfulness, accuracy must be objectivity, impartiality, fairness and accountability in the public mind, deep mind and journalist. Why investigative journalism involves the use of sources of infiltration and anonymous counseling, it is essential for journalists to recheck the facts.

Investigative journalism is a story with a difference. It is critical examination and study to avoid an event or policy, to correct a wrong or to prevent crime, to save the planet from destruction and the future of the world, in more than a title. And “the unknown, the hidden, reports, etc. is investigative journalist owners or holders of public conscience.

It is an area in which to discover a niggling thought or suspected wrongdoing. It represents the actions and decisions and make the limelight outrageous acts and actions of man. In simple terms, an investigative journalist for the policies of the company in the interest of greater humanity.

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