A Career in Auto Journalism with your Auto School

School of the automobile is a path to a dream career as an automotive journalist. Imagineyoure steal on the West Coast. Program: a drop of the product. You have done a hundred of them now.

Be an automaker invites outstanding automotive journalist for a drive 120 mile round trip from their last release model fully loaded. In addition, these tests slowly mass tinker with the sound system, seat adjustment. Some of his colleagues prefer the fastest best approach, but you will enjoy every moment, because everything about cars, their design, I love technology.

After all, that’s why you went to school automotive business in the first place. After the printing unit, you will be grouped with the self-loving journalists from across North America for the dinner offered by the manufacturer, in the restaurant of a 5 star hotel. At the table, some of the engineers who drove the car to work.

Unlike the rest of my colleagues who came to work on journalism instead of the vocational school auto, you’ll be able to talk with them, well informed, with everything you have learned in the automotive trade school.

Why car training school rather than the school of journalism?

No journalism schools in Canada now offer a specialization in automotive journalism.

Even if the programs do not exist in other countries such as England, it can be expensive, for example, a one-year Master in Journalism taxes on cars $ 15.700 non-EU citizens .

Call niche teaching road safety. Canada has. Many journalists, but only a handful of forming a car technician or engineer graduated from the vocational school auto has the advantage of being able to write knowledge on technical issues. This knowledge can help you earn the public’s trust and love for writing.

School car can provide journalists with inside knowledge of the work:

automotive technician

a car salesman

quality control inspector in a factory of automotive components

computer aided design

one hand mediator

a truck driver

A dispatcher

an automotive journalist

a responsible operator

a register of auditors

vehicle emissions inspector

wheel non-steering equipment mechanic ground support

an estimator of collision

body technician

to heavy equipment service technicians

Schools can prepare Automobile automotive journalists to sell as an expert on the vehicle:






That automotive journalists?

Car weigh

drive around the test track

The first units of participation Events

Notes on performance

Printing drive rental car fleets producers in most large cities (free attention: you are required to cover the cost of your own fuel) is maintained

to go to events

Participation car shows

Evaluate the price

It is an advantage if you also have the option to create your own publication-quality photos.

So if the idea of the self-test driving for a living seems interesting enough for you, you may want to pursue a career in automotive journalism continued training using public transport. Canada has many automakers schools, showing that you can prepare for a product life of the printing units.

A car to school can be a springboard for emerging automotive journalists.

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