How Your Interviews Written on Your Blog

As a subset of journalism, it is not surprising that shares many characteristics with its parent blogs. Especially blogging strongly resembles the function or the editorial pages of many newspapers. Not quite beholden to the same rules of timeliness or AP style guidelines as new sections, these sections focus on issues of personal interest. The writer, or a particular topic of importance or special interest human

Thus, since blogs tend to be drawn from these sections, it is useful for tactics that traditional journalists are so successful in their writings and the best ideas to look to borrow. In particular, many bloggers have discovered the value, including interviews in their publications.

Maintenance is very simple: a conversation between the blogger and another party, usually on a subject of common interest to the blogger, the subject and the reader. Some interviews are scripted, some are not prepared, but in their heart they have to watch the whole mission, the thoughts of the interviewee public release to the additional light on the topic discussed.

Blog in the world, there are generally three approaches for integrating a conversation into a blog.

The writeup

This is to inform the general form of interview stage. Bloggers are in contact with the subject, but his interview, then write a story about the interview with the subject citations as a painting. It tends to be something like this:

I recently spoke with the brand icon John Doe, asking for his opinion on the importance of personal identity. “You really need a strong name that people can get their hands on and never forget, this is the first thing.” When I asked for clarification, John says, “Well, if you do not have a name that people remember, they are easy to refer to it as” man “or something old.”

The structure is easy to follow, and blog a lot, depending on the case, a way of writing. It should not be in the first person, it is easy to adapt to any style of blogging. It has the value of bloggers rental, most of the writing. It retains its style and maintenance on their own terms presented to readers, maintaining a unique voice.

The weakness of this style is that you tend to ask questions. If bloggers are full interview? Editorials are the choice quotes? and so on. Made, for example in the choice, I could actually play asked for details like: “Well, it’s obvious. Could you be more specific? “And our imaginary blogger simply rephrased to be less confrontational.


The alternative is simply reproduce without removing any maintenance other than too small asides such as “um” and other verbal tics. This tends to look like this:

Benjamin Brand Blog – Hello, John.

John Doe – Hello. Thank you for interviewing me.

BBB – happy to talk with you. So, what do you mean, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the brand?

JD – You really need a strong name that people can get their hands on and never forget, this is the first thing.

The focus is rather an unusual choice, but very rarely in blogs and in the press. This is because it has obvious weaknesses. For example, all the ends of the relevant questions in an interview. Not all interviews follow a scenario, some pots go, interesting or dull digressions, and so on. It is the job of the journalist to edit the content, so that the material is left on the ground, the player receives.

However, there are cases in which reprints an interview is an interesting alternative. When a call is purely illuminating, if it is covered reasons surprising that people do not expect, and the writer would like to share, then by all equity, in the same interview.

The podcast or video

As the new edition is the process of using monitoring devices to an audio podcast or video blog interview question. This has a number of advantages over single focus, because it is the personality of the two subjects shine through so that the text can not always quite capture. Sarcasm and mind with a little “easier when the voice and body language to be added in the field, so that the whole process more dynamic and interesting.

The difficulty of these formats in their complexity. Logistics always work recording software, clean audio and video for proper use of the network if they are not the main means of your blog, etc., can get “small scope of the average blogger. It is necessary to produce the actual time commitment and effort to share and refine a series. In addition, not all are, so to speak, they are suitable for writing, some are not comfortable speaking in half, and a writer with experience is not always a great speaker.

In other words, there is a strong value in this type of procedure, how to add variety and interest to the usual representation of a good blog.

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