Breaking News Mistakes With Traditional Media

It is said that the mainstream media reported and tweeted this false story without waiting controlled properly, because more and more web users that go to other pages, if history is not on their website.
Why traditional news agencies can not get the latest news on the Internet first
You need to check its history is correct before publication because their site users are led to believe that all their stories thoroughly tested before release.
In contrast, information sites on the Internet have a different approach, in collaboration with users and other journalists or deny the story as it unfolds.
News websites such as Web blottr use the term “working relationship and find breaking news.” When breaking story, journalists and other users of the site have the ability to access and corrections history, they are able to make it work.
Readers are aware that the stories will be published by a little known author may or may not be correct. If a story is not correct, the first member of the public who noticed this sign and add their own version.
What was wrong with NPR, CNN, Reuters and the BBC?
It is very important that these false reports and errors were not caused by irresponsible news organizations on the Internet, are the fault of traditional media. There are many questions that traditional journalism “catch up” with digital technology and communications compete tried “Breaking News and News 24 ‘websites of online experts.
Once filming recently reported, said earlier tweets new traditional organizations such as Reuters, BBC, CNN and NPR Clifford Congress were wrong, and worse.
In a television interview, told the BBC that their policy was to confirm the story of two sources said they did it was one of the sources, but Reuters did not mention the other source. The problem with this approach is that other traditional media outlets can use the same criteria, and 2 can now be sources Reuters and the BBC.
Once the ball started, it was difficult to stop, how the Internet works is that these stories will be disseminated through tweets and other social media and on Twitter.
What is the best approach when you make mistakes?
Once an error of this kind is made, it must be corrected. The question is how it will happen.
Once online, then something does not remove the problem, it is sent to other pages, and can be found in the cache on the machine back in time internets.
After that, they do not learn correctly, Reuters and CNN heard their stories were not correct, they put the bad tweets and tweets posted to date.
NPR and the BBC will not remove tweets wrong, but corrected with the following tweet, NPR has also issued an apology.
Public organizations more misinformation mainstream news on the internet should never be removed (as if they had never published), must be corrected and apologize.
If (for example, a social network), the original story that Twitter now send a new tweet, people can chant the false story on Twitter adequate history can be considered as more “tweetable.
Delete incorrect tweets by mainstream news organizations, is unacceptable.
Deleting a tweet correctly from a major newspaper as a lack of transparency and identifies totally unacceptable, it’s even worse if you do not admit tweeter after this error.
Why is it
The mainstream news media have tried to use the Internet to their advantage, and reduce the number of users go to other information sites on the Internet for the latest news. They are also catching up with news on dedicated websites.
They used Twitter, blogs and other Internet media to get their stories in order to obtain a large number of people, this has happened it has failed.
You do not need to study the time (or money) spent carefully the potential damage of their strategy randomly. This allows a single journalist social networks still choose to use the name of their organization, they have made significant and regulations must. You must accept the fact that other websites News is still the number 1 for the latest news, due to their different hierarchical structure and full transparency, the reader can make their own assessment. These sites are not lead the reader to believe that all the stories have been extensively tested and are undoubtedly true.
The mainstream media, such as NPR, Reuters, BBC and CNN have to slow down a ‘- but this is a good approach to take, “which all lead to believe that their stories always checked, confirmed and true.
Sites public information must slow down and accept that it is no news on the Internet and on other sites that users first. You must take the time to thoroughly examine the sources should not forget that the important stories “anonymous sources”. If the sources are anonymous and unconfirmed, should no longer be used. There is no reason to believe that the people who went to another site to find the story should come back later

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