The Challenges of A Case Study of A Reporter

Challenges to be part of every job and journalism did not run it. This profession invites maximum number of challenges and a journalist must take as part of his / her activities. According to a famous journalist, is the biggest challenge for journalists today to survive

The intense competition between the various news channels, newspapers, magazines, etc. have a war between them and journalism has not been started spared. Today, every journalist must produce under pressure or breaking news at work. Their motivations according to the message, so that journalists leave no stone unturned to new getbreaking around the world.

Follow tight deadlines are an integral part of any professional career as a journalist and the media to fulfill its mission or story before the deadline. Journalists. Around the time of delivery or stories to report at 11.00 clock, how to meet the newspapers printed overnight Journalist must submit their stories of 09.00, so it must be transmitted in the evening at 18.00 hours. There is absolutely no flexibility, your story should be ready in time.

Journalists often visit places that heavily affected by natural disasters such as floods, heavy snowfall, landslides and storms. To read the authorities of the area affected by the welfare and rescue of people who journalists to visit the worst affected areas. This could also be a serious threat to his life. In some unfortunate accidents media people were injured, while. For stories in hazardous locations

Journalism is also followed by employment as covering a war zone, common disorders and infiltrations in borders, civil war, and reports more dangerous. The propagation of uncertainty in a country that is not only a threat to the lives of people in this place, but media people become their goals. Many terrorist organizations does not hesitate to kill people, yes. Blaming the media for the support of the authorities and security forces sometimes it can turn fatal consequences. An American journalist famous Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped and killed by terrorists in 2002.

Journalist kidnapped and imprisoned during the conflict between the two countries. It’s really traumatic, and sometimes can be extremely dangerous situations to capture media professional / s

Many Western countries have freedom of the press, but not all countries give this right to their media professionals. Many countries do not have freedom of speech and journalists keep up with the standards set before writing or publishing an article, or face dire consequences. This is called self-censorship. Journalists are oppressed by their own governments. They are not all the videos that can show the bad government violations of human rights and to take innocent lives and create chaos.

Despite these intense challenges in journalism, some people are determined to do their work with full dedication nothing could discourage.

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