Growth of Community Journalism

Community journalism local orientation, professional coverage, which usually concentrated in neighborhoods, suburbs individual or small towns rather than metropolitan, regional, national and world news.

If you dwell on the major issues, the journalistic community focused on the effect they have on local drives. Community newspapers, news often, but not always of the week, and tend not to order the biggest problems in the media. Some examples of topics are honor roll students at the local high school, school sport, crimes such as vandalism, zoning issues and other details of social life. Sometimes called “Chicken Dinner” stories rejected such coverage “hyperlocal” often plays a crucial role in the construction and maintenance of neighborhoods.

A growing number of community newspapers are now owned by media organizations large, although many rural newspapers or independent “mom and pop” operations.

Community journalists are trained in general professional journalists and editors. Some specialized training programs have recently emerged in established programs of Bachelor and Master in Journalism. Community journalism should not be confused with the work of citizen journalists, amateurs often unpaid or confused with civic journalism, although many community newspapers practice, dass

In the spirit of community journalism emerging conference, participants characterization of a Community list of journalism: journalism is intimate, caring and identity, but it reflects the community and tell their story, and includes a role foreground.

Journalism debate

Not everyone agrees on the implementation of community journalism in the new system. Traditionally journalists lawyer to avoid any real or apparent conflict, which can be anything to give community groups to join, not committing money to a candidate they support. Community journalism, however, favors the news coverage, proximity to home, and for journalists who cover the real story.

Some philosophers encourage them to remain independent professional journalists, while others have an obligation, local and generalized assumption of effective citizenship. Some say that social engagement for publishers and editors in order, but not the journalist, the news, the ability to shape it. Critics say this commitment is a risk for everyone involved in the production of news.

Clifford Christians, co-author of Good News social ethics and the press has asked journalists to realize that their audiences can be attracted by the interest and reduce the journalists should report stories that isolationism, comes from reading a large, worldwide based stories. A fundamental flaw in the journalism community is stubborn resistance to change and a constraint to the system to maintain the Community rules.

Loyalty to a community is the inevitable price of adoption, and the fees are for conflicts with strong fidelity to the truth. Community journalism, the information needed to pass the need for a wide range of information (pluralism) a dependence of the information needed to preserve shared values ​​and reinforce the status quo (gain) .

Sooner or later, the group could transcend the importance of disseminating accurate information, both within the group, as well as the outer city or group.

Others believe that the transition to the journalism community is a natural response to our out-of-touch media Mega. Altschull J. Herbert, author of a “crisis of conscience: Community response journalism” community sees journalism as a natural consequence of the concerns of credibility and influence sliding average.

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